Our Founders

Melissa Johnson, Rolinda Hameed, Robert and Mary White, Sr., Renee Bolding and Mareale Rahaman

Starting Point Learning Center was founded in 1995 by Robert White Sr. (center). His wife’s dream was to have a facility that would provide care for young children using an approach that centers on family and friends helping children to become successful members of the community. Since then, his daughters and granddaughters own and operate the dream by participating in the day to day activities.  Adopting the vision that family is the Starting Point of each child’s success!

Our Mission

Starting Point Learning Centers Mission is to uphold a safe, clean and healthy environment that is a home-away-from -home for the families it serves.  Where parents are involved and work with their child’s primary caregiver as teaching partners.

Our objective is to be a source of information and a support system.  Respecting and welcoming diversity with the mission of understanding each family’s culture.

Where teachers use nationally recognized screenings, curriculum and assessment tools to assist in meeting individual educational goals of children.

Our mission is to employ compassionate and professional staff that is well trained, knowledgeable and committed to maintaining continuity of care. Where open communication among the teaching team is preserved. As colleagues encourage each other; quality performance is recognized, acknowledged and compensated for.

Starting Point Learning Center’s endeavor is to be positively recognized in the community and held accountable as leaders in child advocacy.  Building new relationships within the community as existing ones are nurtured and maintained. Our every effort is to better serve the needs of the community, predominantly its youngest members.

Our Curriculum

Our current research based curriculums encourage children to learn thru play:

  • Creative Curriculum (Birth to 5 years)
  • SPLC School Age Curriculum (Kindergarten to 5th grade)

Each child is provided their own portfolio that individualizes children’s learning.  Portfolios include Teaching Strategies Gold Formal Assessments, work samples, photographs and teachers’ notes.  Educational pathways are outlined to identify each child’s strengths and set specific goals for children to work towards as outlined in the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards and Ohio’s K-12 Standards.